Easy Artisan No-Knead Bread

I got this recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day, and it’s amazing. I slightly lowered the amount of salt in the recipe, but it’s seriously a “no fail” technique for delicious crusty bread with a great texture. It requires no kneading, and you just dump all the ingredients into a big container, stir it around, put the lid on, let it sit on the counter for 2 hours, and tah dah. Bread dough. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

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For Fitness and Frugality: Make Your Own Spice Mixes

I’ll admit it – when I lived in the US, it was all too easy to resort to spice mixes for making chili, marinades, etc. That was until I realized just how many preservatives, dyes, and sugars are in many of those mixes. Price wasn’t a factor until I moved to Australia and the prices of those same (imported) spice mixes started making them all the more unappealing. If you’re willing to spend a short amount of time, you can make a lot of the most popular spice mixes out there from scratch – thus saving you money and the hassle of reading all those tiny labels.

This site has shortcuts to recipes for many of the most popular mixes out there. In this case I’m happy because Old Bay Seasoning isn’t even available in Australia, and now I can make it myself.

Save Money on Seasonings – MYOM (Make Your Own Mix)

American vs Australian Tablespoons

I learned something new the other week – and hope I haven’t mislead too many of you in the process. I realized that Australian tablespoons are different than American tablespoons in terms of measurement. Teaspoons are the same, but it’s just tablespoons that are different. All of my recipes thus far have used American tablespoons, which are 15ml. Australian tablespoons are larger, 20ml. Why did it take me over a year of living here to notice this, you may ask? Well it doesn’t help that both types of tablespoons are sold here. The first measuring spoon set I got when I moved here was with American measurements, just out of pure coincidence.

From now on I’m putting the ml amounts next to tablespoons just to ease any confusion. If you’re in the US, just use your tablespoons normally. If you’re in Australia, you may have to scale it down a bit. It wasn’t until someone gave me some feedback on a recipe that I realized they were using Australian tablespoons instead of what I assumed was the standard. Like I said, teaspoons are the same in both places, so it hasn’t been that big of a deal in my recipes anyway. It certainly makes cooking interesting when I have to make sure the recipe came from Australia or someplace else before deciding which tablespoon to use.


What is a snickerdoodle, you may ask? Just picture cinnamon toast in cookie form. It’s a type of light, fluffy sugar cookie coated in sugar and cinnamon, and I grew up loving them. Naturally kids would like a cookie with a name like that! Now, as a grownup, I love them with a cup of tea. (Also, though it isn’t the season, these also make great Christmas cookies, if you choose to use colored sugar.)

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Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is a lot going on with these cookies, and all of it is good. I have to toot my own horn here and say this is the best cookie recipe I’ve concocted thus far. They’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and are wholesome yet decadent. I used less butter than some other chocolate chip cookie recipes, and therefore the cookies don’t spread out much and aren’t as dense.

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Quick and Easy Fudgy Brownies

When it comes to brownies, are you on Team Fudgy or Team Cakey? I personally prefer fudgy brownies, and this recipe certainly delivers. The greatest thing about this recipe is that it is nearly as simple as using boxed mix, but the results are far superior. Preparation is a breeze, and the result is a decadent, fudgy brownie with a gorgeous crisp top. This recipe is based on the King Arthur Flour brownie recipe that’s been floating around the internet for ages now. I made a few changes and simplified the process a bit, and the result is a fail safe recipe for a brownie anyone on Team Fudgy would enjoy.

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Mayo Dip

This sounds like an unlikely combination, but my goodness is it delicious. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and savory. I used Old Bay seasoning on the baked sweet potato fries, and it’s an amazing match with my ultra simple curry dip. Since Old Bay is something only found in the U.S., and I had some mailed to me, I also have a version that my international readers can try.

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